I am a founding member of the Bay Area Daré, a monthly sacred gathering for peacemaking and healing that convenes in East Oakland. It is open to anyone ( The council question this past Sunday was “What are you listening to and what are you doing in response to what you hear?”

I spoke about how I wish I was listening to the green ants sing–this is something Aboriginal people could do and maybe some still can. Green ants are particularly tuned into the electromagnetic grid of the planet and by listening to and watching them, the Aboriginal people could also align themselves electromagnetically. To hear them sing, though, you must get so quiet, quieter than you have ever been before. I am practicing listening to the smallest voice in the natural world (check out Jon Young).

I talked Sunday about how whenever I hear people on the left or the right who carry a certain frenetic energy in their demeanor, I cannot listen anymore. I know they feel an urgency to speak, but that very energy makes it impossible for me to listen. Maybe I am now listening more to energy than to words. Or energy first, then words.And there are energies that I would rather not entertain in my field and many that I invited in readily.

I’d like to open it up to anyone out there who is listening. What are you hearing and how are you responding?

Along somewhat related lines, I am helping to support a new move about play called, “Seriously:a movie about play.” See a clip here . Emma Goldman, a serious activist said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” I think the green ants are singing and most likely dancing. Let’s generate that kind of energy in our world!

3 comments on “Listening

  1. I’m with you there re the frenetic energy of those on the left and right. It’s not that I cannot listen. For the most part, not entirely, I have chosen not to listen to the above energy. But there is a quiet energy I am trying to hear so I don’t screw up on issues that are presently important to me now. If I am a vessel or hollow bone, I want to hear what is trying to come through to me. Busting out with laughter is one of my favorite things to do and thank God it happens a great deal. Never thought about the green ants. If they whisper in your ear, let me know. Such an intriguing thought. Please keep your blog going. It will help me.

  2. Stefanie Brainin says:

    Listening is a sacret act that allows me to bear witness without judgment and rarely requires a response.

  3. @Stefanie — what an absolutely beautiful thought. There really is something beyond language.

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