Words, Words, Words

After watching many of the speeches at the conventions, I feel like quoting Shakespeare:

“Truth, sir, I can yield you none without words; and words have grown so false, I am loth to prove reason with them.”

This comes from Twelfth Night which incidentally I saw performed last week at the Hyde Street Pier at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF. It was a fabulous performance that I highly recommend. We followed the troupe around as they performed it, starting with a scene that takes place after a shipwreck. The actor literally walked out of the Bay! Though it can be cold (bring layers) and more standing than some would like (bring portable chair), it is well worth it. Beautifully done by a troupe called We Players, and so unique. If you have any visitors in town, do find a way to get them there. It plays into October on Friday and Saturday nights and matinees on Saturday and Sunday. The evenings are steeper in price since they include some food and drink. Sunday matinee is when you can come and pay less. For info, click here.

The clown has some great lines like the one above and there is gender bending and farce and lots of reflection on the human condition. Comedy, my friends, so that we do not cry. And even though it is not Hollywood, it all works out in the end.

Maybe silence and art are key now. I have decided not to go to a conference on eco-feminism that will feature the work of Marti Kheel, my good friend who died last November. Philosophy was once my way and now I find it cold and uninspiring. Going to the conference seems like a step backwards for me. If only the words led to somewhere outside the words but they tend to be self-referential, an exclusive party where nature, ancestors, spirit, mystery are not invited. For me in so many ways (ironically, just as I start a blog–joke’s on me), words have grown so false…

One comment on “Words, Words, Words

  1. Hi — I know exactly how you feel, as I felt the same way when I went to India in 1985. It’s the reason I went. Do you remember that you and Diane either took me to the airport or picked me up — or both? This is what I feel — we are completely out of the head and solely into the heart. It is no longer the head v. heart scenario. It is simply about the heart which, more often than not, tells the brain what to do. Great entry that works for me in every way. You don’t need to respond. It’s just a bunch of words anyway.

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