What’s in a drone?

I had seven people come to the didgeridoo class last class, a record high. I don’t want to make too much of it, but there does seem to be an increase in interest in the instrument. Many people are learning to play to alleviate their sleep apnea because the circular breathing needed to play the instrument exercises the muscles at the back of the throat that tend to collapse during episodes of sleep apnea. I sometimes wonder if the high numbers of people who have sleep apnea could be a wake up call (so to speak) and an incentive for more people to learn to play the instrument and get that vibe into the world. The didgeridoo vibe is such an antidote to the high levels of anxiety that is rampant these days in this culture.

I believe we have taken headiness, linear thinking, logic, mind chatter to its apex and that more of the same will not get us where we need to go. Some people’s response is to want answers and they are often led by the most uncompassionate voices out there. Maybe instead we could learn how to empty out, listen, quiet ourselves, live in don’t know, and to allow room for wisdom to be heard. I am convinced that wisdom does not come from more and more information or fancy ways of arranging that information.

Aren’t you tired of being the only “rational” beings in the universe so that it falls on our shoulders to fix everything? Aren’t you tired of trying to control every damn thing? Maybe we could go back to the blank slate, to stillness and start over without the idea that we need to know everything. All we really need to know—and this has been proven time and time again—is that we are all connected and what happens to you affects me and vise verse so that some version of the Golden Rule must apply. And that we are all connected to the rest of the natural world and to all those who have lived and all those future beings on their way here.

So ask for help. Get very quiet and listen. I won’t be writing for a few days since I am going on a silent retreat in the woods. See you when I return!


Photo by Judy Chew

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