Keep Sending Love Out

Last week we had a 90th birthday party for my husband of 24 years, Adam David Miller. He didn’t want the theme to be him so he made it a quote from one of his poems, Keep Sending Love Out. His daughter Pemba and I were the main organizers of the event though we had help from all sorts of people. Please see Adam’s website.

We had a sign-up sheet for people to read poems or sing songs or tell stories about how we keep sending love out. Eighteen people shared with us and there were several music groups as well. Two of the groups sang renditions of his poems Keep Sending Love Out and Forever Afternoon.

About halfway through the program, he spoke a little and then the lively crowd surrounded him as I played the didgeridoo and Garner played drums and everyone vocalized to the drone, first sending love and appreciation to Adam for being himself and then to everyone in the room and the sending the love out to the community of humans, rocks, animals, trees and the land. People really sang out and the energy was palpable and full of love. There is something so powerful about focusing our energies that way, held by the drone and sent out by us all.

At one point in the day, Adam was presented with an award from the Bay Area Writing Project, an organization he has worked with and supported for many years.

A warm thank you to all those who contributed to making this afternoon so beautiful and as Adam says, “magical.”

Adam David Miller

One comment on “Keep Sending Love Out

  1. VJ Moon says:

    loved the time I was given to be there a sweet gift to be able to sing for the event Viviane

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