Follow the Children

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My niece and I

Several streams have come together for me into a confluence this week, all having to do with children leading the way.

Speaking on KPFA yesterday morning was a nine-year-old boy whose classmate and good friend Rodrigo and his family were sent back to Mexico because his father’s papers were not in order when the family was stopped in Houston, Texas after a trip to Mexico. Rodrigo’s classmates since kindergarten are launching a fight to bring him home and have been finding creative ways to bring attention to his cause including creating a video game that can be played worldwide for his benefit and the benefit of bring the peoples of the world closer together. They started a website called Bring Rodrigo Home.

I was at a friend’s house last night doing research for my next novel which takes place right after 9-11. I was interviewing them about their precocious 3 year-old on whom I am basing one of my characters who is part Aboriginal Australian. My friends’ child seems to have come into this world knowing so much already about ancient healing ways. My friends pointed me to a song that she loves to sing which was composed by Kenneth K. Guilmartin  for the Montclair Cooperative School in 1986. The song May all Children became popular after 9-11 and has been sung all over the world, mainly by children.

Then following the lead of these children into making connections worldwide through technology, this week I made contact with the Puuya (meaning “life force” or “heart”) Foundation in a remote area in Queensland Australia through an Australian friend of mine. I was able to donate to their foundation proceeds from an event called Didgeridoo Dreaming for Women held by Sound Rivers last fall. One of Puuya’s projects is to encourage youth to participate in ongoing leadership development opportunities, both within and outside the community.

Children, such whizzes at technology, are leading the way to bringing the world closer together. While I often think of technology as cold and distancing, this week, I am increasingly impressed with the creative ways humans, especially youth, find to connect ourselves to each other so that life-affirming songs, causes, and leadership can grow stronger.

May technology be a tool to bring ancient, alive and connected-to-the-earth wisdom from remote places to our modern world, empowering the life force of the planet which is love, not commerce.

2 comments on “Follow the Children

  1. Reading “you” from Ireland, chilled by wintry storms making their way across the Irish Sea. A very particular Gaelic essence of “between here and hereafter” makes its own mysterious crossing from Her ancient body into mine. After 4 short days, I already feel the a shift begun in the rhythm and space of my consciousness. I feel it as I look into the faces of the people walking the city streets and aside the sheep strewn meadows. Among them are young ones whose straight on gazes offer an invitation to connect. I, too, am feeling the destiny they carry for us. And I am reminded of a dream I had a few years ago in which 2 scientists, their heads thrown back to study the star studded night sky, ponder these troubled times. Darkness surrounds them until a luminescent girl of 12 or 13 appears at their backs and says softly “where I come from when we want something to change, we just do it”. Witnessing the scene from a distance, I know she is one of the Future Ones come to whisper the way forward into their/our heart-minds. She has come because it matters how we make our way and because they know we cannot do what needs to be done without them.

    Your blog about the children leading the way brings this back tonight. Your blog and the whisperings of éire, wet to the center of her stone bones by the pounding of “shouldn’t be happening like this” spring storms. As the children lead the way, may we be able to follow.

    Thank you for this writing, Elise, and for the opportunity to muse alongside. More to come in my new blog Altering Our Stories….elenna

    • elisepeeples says:

      Yes, exactly. Thank you for sharing the dream and for sharing your beautiful observations! I can’t wait to read your blog! Stay tuned as topic for Dare tomorrow may just be this youth theme as I had a dream this week about youth as well.

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