No Shame

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, please take yourself to a treat of a play, La Cage au Folle at the Contra Costa Civic Theater, the last weekend it plays. The performances (all volunteer, by the way—community theater), were heartfelt, funny, talented and transporting. These are characters who play very specific people but whose emotions could be mine or yours. Never have I seen a production of this play that so reminded me of the times I did not fit in, tried to pass for something I wasn’t, hid in shame over some part of myself and found relief and redemption in coming out of the closet, voluntarily or–as if this case–involuntarily. My hat is off to the director and the actors.

One comment on “No Shame

  1. meg says:

    Thanks Elise: We all need to honor our own place in the universe – what a gift to be able to be who we are with no shame and no excuses.

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